Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hometown Buffet ? out of 5 stars

In part because of its impressive reach (90 locations in California alone) that means even B&B fans outside of our home county of Stanislaus can participate in engaging discussion concerning the validity of the premises we are about to make, and in part because it’s a really short drive, this time we chose to sample the cuisine of a Hometown Buffet, the one on Countryside Drive in Turlock specifically.
Now, since this is but our second buffet critique, you readers will not appreciate a fundamental difference between Hometown and a majority of the rest of the buffets we will try in the future: Hometown Buffet does not serve Asian food. For some inexplicable reason (or maybe it is easily explained by facts like Asian food is well-suited to making a profitable buffet since 80% of it is variations of rice and chicken, but I’ll go ahead and disregard that since I’m sick of Asian buffets at this point and would rather just assume that the minds behind their creation are somehow partly or wholly flawed) all but two of the seven-or-so buffets we have eaten at locally serve Asian food exclusively.
Why are there no Mexican buffets (Hometown does have a make-your-own-taco/ taco salad bar, the quality of which disqualifies it from counting), Thai buffets, Italian buffets, Cambodian buffets? Or, since buffets are uniquely suited among types of eateries to provide a wide variety of different foods, why are there not “world buffets” that combine them all, or switch between regions every so often, or have SOMETHING FLIPPING ELSE BESIDES ASIAN FOOD? Maybe it’s just that the region we’re in is not keeping up with the kinds of fun, original, hip buffets you may find in a San Francisco, Santa Monica, or Bakersfield.
Anyhow, through its novelty it’s serving American food alone, I will at this point award Hometown with twelve points out of our five point scale. How many will it retain? Find out when I finish typing this later at home, or most likely on Thursday back here. Same time, same place. Maybe a couple seats over, this specific computer may be occupied on Thursday, but the same building in any case. Same computer, really, to, I’m pretty sure that these are all the same machine. Look the same anyway. So, yup, check back in two days, dear readers.

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